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Characteristics of natural gas

Lighter than air

Contrary to propane gas, natural gas is lighter than air. When it comes into contact with open air, it evaporates rapidly. Thus there is no chance of spilling.


Odourless, but scented

Natural gas is odourless, but we add a scent to it called mercaptan, giving it an odour of rotten eggs. This odour allows for us to detect the presence of natural gas.


Does not ignite rapidly

Natural gas must attain a precise concentration of 5% to 15% and needs to be in the presence of an ignition source in order for it to ignite. Outside of these conditions, natural gas will not catch fire.



Natural Gas is colourless, odourless and tasteless. It is a stable gas that is neither toxic nor corrosive. If brought into contact with water, it noes not mix and does not contaminate it. It creates bubbles, comes to the surface and evaporates rapidly. Considering such properties and as long as one respects basic rules, natural gas is an extremely safe energy source.


Source : www.allaboutnaturalgas.com

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