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29 March 2019

With spring comes cleaning!

This is it. Spring is back! With it comes the desire to sort, throw out or donate certain things. However, for the good of the environment, it’s best to practise green cleaning. How? Read this page to discover our advice for a large-scale cleanup that’s respectful of the planet.



Harmful products to avoid

According to the organization Équiterre, Canadian families use 20 to 40 litres of cleaning products each year. Besides being expensive, they contain chemical products that are damaging to the environment and to our health. It’s better to choose eco-friendly cleaners. You can also make your own cleaning products. It’s easy and effective! You will need the following ingredients: white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and pure soap (Castile or even glycerin soap). As for recipes, you can find tons on the internet because this practice is becoming very popular.



Disposing of objects properly

To dispose correctly of the different objects we don’t want or need anymore, it’s important to bring them to the right places. If they are in good shape, charitable organizations will be happy to receive them. If not, it’s best to turn to ecocentres. After all, not everything can go in the blue bin or the garbage. In fact, some objects can contaminate other recyclable materials and even damage the equipment. That’s why it’s important to take each object to the right place. When in doubt, visit the online search tool Ça va où on Recyc-Québec[1]. Are you in Lanaudière? Then you can look into one of the four available ecocentres.


Reuse it and give it a second life

The more you reuse your used items by giving them a second life, the more you significantly reduce your environmental impact. What’s more, you can find a huge number of ideas on the internet to transform objects and, by doing so, give them a new purpose. This could be as simple as turning a stool you don’t like anymore into a little side table. The possibilities are infinite!


Spring cleaning is also the perfect occasion to reflect on our consumption habits. By looking at what we donate or throw out, we can reduce our spending. And the environment will be all the better for it!

Questions? Contact us. We would love to help you!


[1] Note : Recyc-Québec and Ça va où are offered in French only. For a list of what is recyclable in Quebec, please visit http://recreer.recyc-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/what-is-recyclable

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