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12 April 2017

When the Arrival of Spring Brings…Spring Cleaning!

Curbside recycling and house cleaning, two tasks that come together!

Spring is in the air, and along with it comes the desire to start anew and make a fresh start, but also to get organized at home. Though the task is an onerous one, it also allows you to dispose of unused or cumbersome items. To do this, it is essential to properly sort what you wish to give away, to sell, or to keep.


But DID YOU KNOW? Not all materials are necessarily meant to be recycled in your blue bin!
In fact, some of them can contaminate other recyclable materials and damage equipment. It is therefore important to sort materials properly and send each item to the correct disposal unit.

Remember that the follow items do not go in the blue bin:

  • Water hose (garbage)
  • Patio table (assembled or in pieces) (garbage)
  • Pool liner or car shelters (garbage)
  • Large metal pieces, i.e. heaters, brakes, etc. (ecocentre or metal collectors)
  • Clothing and footwear (associations helping underprivileged people)
  • Leaves and grass (collection services for leaves and yard waste, compost)
  • Hazardous household waste, i.e. paint, propane tanks, batteries, etc. (annual HHW collection or ecocentre)
  • Children’s toy’s (associations helping underprivileged people)

To help improve the quality of curbside recycling and facilitate its management, we wish to remind you that it is important to properly sort your waste materials.

Unsure about a type of material? Contact us, we will be happy to assist you!

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