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08 July 2016

What is an ecocentre?

An ecocentre, also known as an ecopark or drop-off centre, is a service offered by the municipalities, RCMs, and cities, and allows the public to dispose of materials not accepted during regular collection.


They namely consist of drop-off points for hazardous household waste (HHW), electronic devices, tires, construction materials, household appliances, etc. Accepted items may vary among ecocentres. With the purpose of favouring environmental conservation, ecocentres seek to constantly create maximum value from materials received on site. Over 80% of the materials sent to the ecocentre are recycled, or even recovered.


Many ecocentres are accessible in the Lanaudière region, some of which are administered by EBI. Free material disposal is available upon presentation of proof of residence, within the allowable limits.


L’Assomption RCM Ecocentre Ecocentre

This ecocentre, located at 134, chemin des Commissaires in L’Assomption, is available to residents living within the territory of the L’Assomption RCM.

To learn more, visit http://www.mrclassomption.qc.ca/ecoparc.


Joliette RCM Ecocentre

The city of Joliette also offers its residents the ecocentre service. This centre is found at the same location as the sorting centre, at 1481 rue Raoul-Charette in the industrial park.

For more information, visit the Joliette RCM Ecocentre page, or call: 450-759-9007


St-Thomas Ecocentre

The St-Thomas ecocentre, which is accessible to the d’Autray RCM and Joliette RCM residents, can be found at the technical landfill site, at 1001 chemin Saint-Joseph in St-Thomas.

For more information, visit St-Thomas Ecocentre or call: 450 836-2546


Repentigny Ecocentre

Residents of Repentigny have their own ecocentre, which is reserved for them exclusively. Its address is 336 rue Charles-Marchand in Repentigny.

For more information, visit http://www.ville.repentigny.qc.ca/vie-citoyenne/environnement/matieres-residuelles/ecoparcs/repentigny.html


Simple tips to make your visit easier

In order to make everyone’s job easier, it is important to come to the ecocentre prepared. This means having in hand your proof of residence, required at every ecocentre. This proof can include your driver’s license, your tax bill, or even your rental lease.


Residents must sort their items by material (i.e. wood with wood, metal with metal…) before arriving at the ecocentre, as they will be deposited in the appropriate containers. Each visitor is responsible for disposing of their materials in the specifically identified area or container.


No matter what we choose to call it, the ecopark, ecocentre, or drop-off centre, aims to collect most materials that are not accepted during regular residual material collection. In this way, it allows us to divert a large quantity of many kinds of waste from landfilling, in order to reuse, recycle, or recover them.


Keep in mind that ecocentres are made available to you to facilitate the disposal of your materials and recover their value. It is therefore your responsibility to use them properly.

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