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27 January 2020

Tips for a more eco-friendly lifestyle

Going green and changing certain behaviours that are deeply rooted in us can sometimes seem difficult. With all the options available to us to counter environmental degradation, it’s easy to get lost. So here are a few tips to do it successfully. Remember that you don’t have to change all of your habits drastically. Do it slowly, one small gesture at a time. It will be easier to incorporate everything into your daily life. And then, all eco-responsible gestures help to save the environment, whether small or large!

Advocating for reusable objects

In order to reduce your waste production and plastic consumption, replace certain everyday single-use objects with their multiple-use counterparts. Here is a non-exhaustive list of greener objects.

At home

  • Cloth makeup remover pads
  • Metal razors rather than plastic ones
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Shampoo and revitalizer bars. Another option available to you is to bring your empty containers and fill them in  specialized stores
  • Replace tampons and sanitary pads with the Diva Cup
  • Cloth napkins
  • Reusable cooking sheets instead of parchment paper and aluminium foil
  • Cloth snack bags or reusable packaging (to avoid saran wrap and Ziploc bags)

To carry around with you

  • Reusable plastic containers (for take-out when you go to a restaurant)
  • A set of reusable utensils
  • Metal or bamboo straws
  • Reusable bags for shopping
  • Cloth bags for fruits and vegetables
  • Reusable water bottle, coffee or tea travel mugs

Reducing waste production

In order to reduce waste production, it is important to properly sort our waste in order to deposit the materials in the right bins (recycling, composting or trash). Need help?

Contact your municipality for more information. It is also preferable to limit packaging and overpackaging. More and more supermarkets are offering products in bulk. Just use glass jars or airtight containers to store them. To reduce waste, food waste must be avoided. How? Make an inventory of your refrigerator before going to the grocery store. That way, you will not be buying double. You can also buy in smaller quantities.

Encouraging the local economy

Local purchasing contributes to reducing greenhouse gases linked to transporting goods from all over the world. This applies to the food industry and the fashion industry. Similarly, local products require less packaging, which is often necessary during transport, meaning less waste will be generated.

Varying source of protein

The ecological footprint left by meat production is huge. It is therefore advisable to eat less meat. So, rather than regularly cooking meat, vary the sources of protein by using legumes, for example.

Favouring public transit

In Quebec, 40% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. Do you want to help reduce that amount? Why not switch up your methods of transportation. Emit less greenhouse gases by opting for cycling, walking, taking a train, bus, metro or carpooling! These different options will help our beautiful planet!

Repurposing and reusing 

Reusing products is the second approach to favour after reducing waste at the source. The more you reuse your used goods by giving them a second life, the more you reduce your environmental impact…and that’s huge. Reusing helps preserve natural resources as there is no production of new goods.

So you can see that the actions that count are not terribly complicated. These few tips will undoubtedly help you do your part to save the environment!

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