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25 February 2016

What is three-way collection?

Already established in some regions, three-way collection is becoming more popular. Several municipalities have adopted the system and others will follow in 2016, including the RCM of Joliette. But one question remains for many.


What is three-way collection?

Three-way collection refers to the door-to-door collection of waste separated as follows:

Three-way collection - Recycling collection

Bac bleu

Recycling collection

Three-way collection - Organic waste collection

Bac brun

Organic waste collection
(kitchen scraps, leaves, grass, etc.)

three-way collection - garbage collection

Bac gris, noir ou vert

Garbage collection


Why participate in three-way collection?

Did you know that over 44% of waste produced by households is compostable? Through three-way collection we therefore contribute to the development of sound environmental practices by reducing the amount of waste produced per household.


What’s more, the practice is very economical! The Quebec government pays municipalities a fee based on their performance in waste management. Consequently, just as the objective of three-way collection is to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, there are also savings on waste management costs.


Quebec Residual Materials Management Policy

The 2010-2015 Quebec Residual Materials Management Policy has several objectives. The main objective is to send a single residual material in Quebec to landfills, consisting of the ultimate residue, that which is not recyclable or reusable, and at the end of life.


Help achieve these goals through three-way collection. The Quebec government already began banning paper and cardboard from landfills in 2013 and wood in 2014, and will prohibit organic matter from landfills in 2020.


Good waste management, through the collection of recycling and organic materials, is a simple gesture we can all make that has a significant impact on the quality and health of our communities.


Putting waste to better use, a collective effort with great returns for the environment!

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