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29 March 2019

The importance of recycling paint

Believe it or not, spring is almost here. For some this means large-scale cleaning and for others, it’s time for a new coat of paint and adding a bit of colour to their homes.

However, did you know that you shouldn’t put paint leftovers in the garbage? It’s even truer about empty containers covered in paint. Even though landfills are equipped with membranes that stop liquids from seeping into the phreatic groundwater, it remains true that paint is harmful to the environment.

Whether your containers are empty or not, it’s essential to dispose of them safely by putting them in the right place. To find a drop-off point, visit the website Éco-Peinture, a non-profit corporation founded in 2001 who, since its formation, has salvaged almost 85 million kilos of paint and empty containers.



A second life

Once it’s been dropped at a drop-off point, the paint is sent to a treatment factory which sorts, filters and reuses the waste to make new recycled paint which can, in turn, be sold. As for metal containers, they are used to make things like tools, bikes and fire hydrants, to name a few examples. Plastic containers can be turned into park benches as well as picnic tables.


Be part of the change

According to Éco-Peinture, about 7 million kilos of paint waste and containers are salvaged in Quebec. And that’s every year. Contribute to this growing number by recycling your old paint cans. The planet will certainly thank you!

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