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14 June 2019

The Brown Bin: Practical Advice!

Do you use your brown bin regularly? Wonderful! You are then contributing to the preservation of the environment and the reduction of waste.

But do you know how to increase the quality of compost and avoid unpleasant odours and small bugs?  Here are some tips that will be very useful regarding the organic material bin.

Bulk in the Bin!

Avoid using plastic bags, whether they are recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, or oxo-biodegradable. Why not? Simply because they affect the quality of the compost by contaminating it.

For good quality compost, a balance between carbonized and nitrogenous material is required. To do this, everything must be turned regularly and quickly, which becomes impossible when bags are mixed with organic materials.

Do you really want to place the contents of your bin in bags? Use paper bags!

Solution to Reduce Odours

So what can you do to avoid odours if bags are unacceptable? Several options are available to you:

  • Sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of your brown bin;
  • Place newspapers at the bottom of the bin so that it soaks up the juice from food and organic materials;
  • Place your bin in the shade rather than in the sun;
  • Mix kitchen waste with dry materials;
  • If there’s room in your freezer, freeze the food you want composted. Then on collection day, all you have to do is place them in your bin;
  • Clean your bin regularly with water and mild soap or a solution of water and vinegar;
  • Wrap your leftover meat and seafood in newspapers;
  • Even if your bin contains very little material, place it by the side of the road on the day of collection;
  • Use an odour-neutralizing spray for composting.

Tips for Controlling Flies and White Grub

To avoid the proliferation of flies or white grub, spray your compost with white vinegar diluted in salted water. You could also pour some baking soda into your bin.

Whether to ensure the quality of your compost or to avoid unpleasant odours, these simple solutions will save you a lot of trouble.

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