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25 May 2020

Suprarecycling: How to Create New with the Old!

The term suprarecycling appeared in the 1990s under the following names: upcycling and transcycling.

But what is suprarecycling? In reality, it is the process of transforming an unused object, whose primary use is no longer desired, into something useful and sometimes even of superior quality.

Suprarecycling is therefore fun, and at the same time a creative way to preserve the environment. Instead of putting an object that can still be useful in the trashcan or the recycling bin, you enhance its value by giving it another vocation. This simple action reduces the use of new resources, reduces the amount of material to be buried and even saves money!

Most DIY projects are directly derived from suprarecycling. If you want to get involved with this kind of project, you can easily find a ton of ideas on the Internet. Need an example? Simple wooden pallets can become beautiful plant boxes. This can also entail art, building materials, products put in your blue bin and even textiles. The possibilities are endless!

However, remember that source reduction is a practical solution to limit the amount of material sent for disposal, thereby reducing our ecological footprint. After all, our consumption habits have a direct impact on the health of our planet!

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