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17 July 2017

Reduction at source: a simple concept!

reduction- 3RVEThe 21st century is unquestionably identified with over-consumption, excess packaging, and disposable and single-use products. However, this unbridled consumption of resources cannot continue without causing greater damage to the environment.


Reducing consumption and waste production helps to reduce the economic, social and environmental impacts of landfill waste. This is known as reduction at source, the first and most important element of the 4RsDs.



What are the 4RsDs?

  • Reduction;
    Reduction at source reduces waste and misuse of resources.
  • Reuse;
    Reuse provides a product with a second useful life before recycling it.
  • Recycling;
    Recycling provides a product with a second useful life by transforming it.
  • Recovery;
    Some materials can be used in different ways. Recovery is the transformation of waste to put it to a better use.
  • Safe disposal.
    Safe and environmentally friendly disposal of final waste.

The 4RsDs are therefore daily principles for using resources efficiently in order to reduce the impact of consumption.

Counting on reduction, yes! But how?

Here are some tips and tricks for improved consumption and reduction of daily waste production.

  •  Avoid food waste;
  • Favour the purchase of bulk products or products with minimal packaging;
  • Use natural products to clean the house;Lunch zéro déchet - reduction at source
  • Purchase products made from recycled materials;
  • Use reusable bags for shopping;
  • Choose sustainable rather than disposable products.
  • Reuse plastic or glass containers;
  • Recycle items that cannot be repaired or reused;
  • Reuse paper printed on one side to make notepads.

Where to dispose of your materials?

Other services are also available to help dispose of materials properly. You can recycle products through selective collection, commonly called the blue bin. Where certain materials are not accepted as residential recycling, other logical options exist, including ecocentres, also called salvage yards. Hazardous household waste, construction materials, tires, electronics, etc. can be disposed of here.

Why count on reduction at source?

Reduction at source helps to limit natural resource abuse, energy consumption, and air and water pollution associated with the production, transportation and burial of consumed products. In addition, the depletion of non-renewable raw materials is accelerating every day. This also has a major influence on the price of consumer goods.


We should not forget the environmental issues that revolve around our over-consumption. Our health and that of the planet are the best reasons to become aware of reduction in consumption.



Source : www.recyc-quebec.qc.ca

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