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27 January 2020

Reduce daily waste generation

Throwing less away is possible and easy to put into practice! But how can we reduce the amount of waste we all produce? Here are a few things to do every day to achieve this:

  • Sort your waste to deposit the materials in the right bins (recycling, composting or trash). Need help? Contact your municipality for more information.
  • Limit packaging and overpackaging. More and more supermarkets are offering bulk products. Just use glass jars or airtight containers to keep them fresh.
  • Favour reusable containers. Use plastic dishes or washable cloth bags. This also applies to bottles, placemats and utensils. The important thing is to avoid single-use containers or accessories.
  • Make your own household and cosmetic products. Nowadays, it is increasingly easy to find recipes for making such products. It’s simple, economical and ecological! This saves you from throwing away containers and limits the use of chemicals at home.
  • Avoid food waste. How? Take an inventory of your refrigerator before going to the grocery store. That way, you will not be buying double. You can also buy in smaller quantities.
  • Favour composting. A host of materials can go into the famous brown bin, which considerably reduces your waste. You’ll see that once you start, you won’t be able to stop.
  • Donate old IT equipment to organizations if it still works. If they do not work properly, it is possible to return them to your municipality’s ecocentre or to certain retailers. To find the drop-off point closest to you, click here. To find out which equipment can be recycled, visit the Recycling my electronics website.
  • When possible, try to buy second-hand products. Looking to pare down your wardrobe a little? Don’t throw clothes away! Rather, donate them to charities, to Village des valeurs or thrift stores.

These are simple, but effective little actions that everyone can take in order to save the environment! Questions? Contact us at 1-800-781-8111 or write to us!

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