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23 April 2019

The slowly melting snow means that winter is drawing to an end and nicer weather is just around the corner. Did you know that it is recommended to have your French drain examined at the end of each winter? A …

16 April 2019

Environmental conservation is paramount for EBI. This is why, in the fall of 2018, both EBI administrative offices in Costa Rica underwent a major environmentally friendly transformation. The idea behind this green project was to produce as little waste as …

29 March 2019

This is it. Spring is back! With it comes the desire to sort, throw out or donate certain things. However, for the good of the environment, it’s best to practise green cleaning. How? Read this page to discover our advice …

29 March 2019

Believe it or not, spring is almost here. For some this means large-scale cleaning and for others, it’s time for a new coat of paint and adding a bit of colour to their homes. However, did you know that you …

01 February 2019

More and more of us recycle and recycling has now become an integral part of our day-to-day habits. But one question keeps coming up again and again: what happens to the things that you put in your blue bin once …

24 January 2019

What is hazardous household waste? It includes paint, solvents, used oil, cleaning products, pesticides, fluorescent tubes, fire extinguishers, car batteries, other batteries, and medications, to name just a few. And we all have one or the other of these products …

11 January 2019

First of all, what does the term reusing mean? It simply means giving an object or container a second life without major industrial transformation. In other words, the reused object is not an entirely different product. This simple gesture reduces …


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