Accueil | National Battery Day
15 February 2017

National Battery Day

In the context of National Battery Day on February 18th, EBI invites the public to do their part by gathering and recycling their batteries.

The national event was created to highlight the crucial role of batteries in our daily lives, emphasizing the importance of recycling them at the end of their operating lives. “In a recent Nielsen study commissioned by Call2Recycle, we report that only 4 North American consumers out of 10 say they recycle their batteries” (Call2Recycle, 2017).


Recycle batteries, but not in the blue bin!

In most cases, those who do not recycle their batteries simply do not know where to do so. EBI therefore wishes to point out that it is important not to put batteries in the recycling bin as they contain potentially hazardous materials that can contaminate others and potentially cause injuries to sorting centre employees.


Several convenient and accessible options

Have batteries that are at the end of their operating lives?


Several options are available to you for disposing of them while respecting the environment. Call2Recycle has several depot centres and partners available to citizens.

You can find them at http://www.call2recycle.ca/locator/.






You can also bring them to your local ecocentre, who will then ensure they are properly disposed of.


Let’s be responsible!  Together, let’s make a difference for the environment!

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