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03 February 2020

Ideas for an Eco-Responsible Valentine’s Day

In a few weeks, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day. Like the holiday season, it is possible to celebrate love and friendship by pampering your loved ones in an eco-responsible manner. Here are a few ideas that are sure to please your loved one while also taking care of the environment.

Consider wrapping your gifts with reusable or ecological materials.   

An activity and a class

To spend some time with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your loved ones, plan an outdoor activity such as downhill skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking, skating, or even a day of sledding.

If you prefer to stay warm, play board games or host a Netflix & Chill evening. You can also offer a cooking, cocktail, or coffee-making class to become the best chef, bartender, or barista, or sessions that put you on your way to becoming a dance, yoga, or pottery expert… the possibilities are endless! You can also opt for a moment of relaxation for your loved one such as a massage or a skin treatment.

A weekend in the country

Do you want to offer more than an activity or an evening? Do you need to get away from it all? Go for a romantic weekend or a weekend with family or friends in an eco-friendly lodge. A simple little search on the Internet will allow you to find several “green” places in Quebec!

Let’s go cultural

And why not offer a cultural outing? You have a multitude of choices: a music, comedy, dance, or circus show, or a play, a visit to a museum, or an evening at the cinema. The art lover will be delighted!

Reusable everyday items

Give your coffee, hot chocolate, or tea lover a reusable cup that they can carry with them. There are also washable paper towels, snack bags made of waterproof and easily cleanable fabrics, and reusable straws. These are useful, sustainable, and good gifts for the environment!

An eco-friendly dinner

To be sure to charm your partner, cook them a meal! To make sure you respect the environment, compose your menu using organic food and local products. It’s a great way to please while supporting the local economy.


In Quebec, there are many artisans who create sublime jewelry collections from recycled materials. You can also visit bazaars or antique shops to find a real gem!

A plant rather than cut flowers

This year, offer a potted plant rather than flowers! The plants will last longer than the bouquet of flowers and they will add a little warmth to the decor of the house.

If you still prefer to offer a bouquet of flowers, opt for organic and local options that meet environmental standards.

For people with a sweet tooth

Chocolate is a MUST for Valentine’s Day. If you want to spoil your loved ones or your significant other with sweet treats, favour fair trade and organic products.

You can also prepare your own delicacies. Whether you make chocolates, jars of jam, caramel, maple fudge, muffins, or cookies, you will be sure to please the one who tastes them!

All of these ideas are just a tiny fraction of the eco-friendly options available to you. By consuming intelligently, we protect our beautiful planet. And don’t forget that if you buy a gift, it is better to choose local products!

We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

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