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10 November 2016

Green waste collection

feuille_automne_webAutumn has arrived, and with it a beautiful carpet of leaves that you can dispose of in different ways. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for collecting green waste.


Green waste collection is usually planned for most RCMs. Prepare your transparent or orange bags and place them at the curb only on scheduled dates. There is no set quantity limit. The following is a list of materials that are accepted or refused in green waste collection.

Materials accepted

  • Cut grass
  • Gardening waste (flower and vegetable plants)
  • Hedge trimming waste
  • Leaves
  • Pine needles and cones


Materials refused

  • Shrubs
  • Branches
  • Earth
  • Animal excrement
  • Non-biodegradable materials (metal or plastic fasteners)
  • Recyclable materials (glass, metal, plastic)
  • Grease, oil, paint
  • Diapers, sanitary products
  • Dangerous materials
  • Dry materials


Green waste collection varies for each RCM, so check with your municipality for exact criteria, in particular regarding collection dates.


Interesting tips and tricks

Leave them on your lawn

The best way to recycle your leaves is to leave them on the lawn and pass the mower to completely shred them. They will then decompose more quickly due to micro-organisms that will improve soil quality. Also, shredded leaves provide some of the minerals your plants and soil need to get through the winter. Furthermore, they fertilize your land and produce an ample lawn.


Use as mulch

With a sufficient layer of dead leaves you can make mulch to protect your plants as the cold season begins.


Do you make your own compost?

Shredding dead leaves allows you to add them to your compost. This will improve the quality of the compost and therefore benefit your plants and flowers next spring. The ideal ratio is two parts leaves to one part green material. You can also store bags of leaves in the fall and add them to the composter in the spring. Furthermore, spreading dead leaves over a vegetable garden prevents weeds and provides additional protection.


Questions about green waste collection?

Contact your RCM or municipality. They can help.

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