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15 November 2013

A giant leap forward for the environment!

EBI is pleased to announce the launch of the first two public compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations in Quebec. They are located in Montreal and in Berthierville, in the Lanaudière region.


15-nov-2013These stations are unique in Quebec, and will be open 24 hours a day and can take on cars, light trucks and fleets of heavy trucks. These cutting-edge stations are equipped with a credit card payment system that allows users to fill up quickly and hassle-free. Filling contracts are also available and will allow access to one or more corporate cards and a fuel management reporting service for each vehicle or driver.


“As a producer of renewable natural gas, we are delighted to see this ambitious project become a reality. This is a major step forward for the transportation industry, but also for all citizens, because today, we’re making compressed natural gas available to everyone!” explains EBI President Pierre Sylvestre. “What’s more,  we are helping to distribute renewable natural gas, which is a green, renewable and economic fuel,”  he continues.


In addition to these stations, EBI also offers a full range of compressed natural gas services, including conversion of gasoline-powered vehicles to bi-fuel operation, leasing or purchase of natural gas cars, light trucks and heavy trucks or design, construction and operations services for turnkey stations.


“As an industry leader, we will continue to strive toward making natural gas accessible for transportation and by the end of 2014, we will open additional stations,” Sylvestre added.


For more information, see our section on EBI Naturel gas.


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