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12 March 2021

French drains need to be maintained!

The snow that’s starting to melt means that warmer weather is just around the corner! To avoid an unpleasant springtime surprise, did you know that it’s recommended to have your French drain inspected every year? A simple inspection could prevent numerous concerns and unforeseen expenses.

Un drain français, ça s’entretient!

What do French drains do?

A French drain is a drainage system used to protect your home from moisture and water infiltration from the concrete walls in your foundation. A sloped pipe is located in the ground and goes around your house and is equipped with a pump to collect and divert underground water to a safe distance from your home. When the ground around your home is saturated with water, the concrete can start to deteriorate, which can cause water to seep inside your home and cause major damage. You could find yourself with problems with mould or bacteria that are not only harmful to your health, but also costly to repair. Maintaining a French drain is essential to ensure that your property maintains its value in the long term.

When do French drains need to be maintained?

Our harsh and variable climate in Quebec means that they need to be inspected once a year. The best time is early spring, in the middle of the spring thaw when the ground is most saturated with water. Your French drain needs to be fully operational to avoid the problems discussed above. Although in general a French drain lasts between 30 and 40 years, the intense cold we experience in Quebec can shorten that lifespan. Maintenance and preventative inspection by a professional using a camera are extremely important to ensure that your drain remains effective at all times.

Whether you suspect a problem or just want to have your French drain inspected, contact our subsidiary EBI Envirotech and our specialized team will be delighted to answer whatever questions you may have!

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