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21 December 2018

Foster Healthy Habits by Purchasing Recycled Goods

In order to prioritize eco-friendly behaviour and to ensure the preservation of the environment, it is recommended to first encourage purchasing of recycled items—or better yet, intelligent consumption. In choosing products made with recycled content, retailers will surely take note and thus offer more of these goods.

If you want to do your part and buy recycled products, here are some benefits of this practice.

Why Buy Recycled?

Purchasing recycled products sustains a demand for secondary materials, i.e. materials from recycling that are used in the manufacturing of new products—it is simply a matter of giving a second life to recyclable materials.

Did you know that…

  • Recycled cardboard will be used to make cardboard boxes and packaging, kraft paper and building materials?
  • Recycled plastic will become new bottles, drainage pipes, recycling bins, park benches and even flower pots?
  • The recycled glass will be used to make sidewalks, fibreglass insulation materials, ecological floor tiles, pool filtration sand and abrasives
  • Recycled aluminum will be used to make cans, building materials and automotive parts?


Preserving the Environment

Buying recycled means helping to protect the environment in many ways; take for example the preservation of natural resources by manufacturing products made of secondary materials. Giving used products a second life also decreases the overall volume of waste and the production of greenhouse gases.


Job Creation

Consuming recycled goods is an eco-friendly way to stimulate the Québec job industry. Collection, sorting, treatment, processing and integration of materials in the manufacturing of new products—many people are involved in the various steps that will then lead to the marketing of green products.


For such reasons, buying recycled goods is a great habit to cultivate!


Source: https://www.recyc-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/citoyens/mieux-consommer/acheter-recycle

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