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31 October 2017

Food Waste: How Can We Reduce It?

What is food waste?

Food waste is discarding food that is still edible. It occurs throughout the entire food chain, from the agricultural production stage, to consumption, storage, transformation, distribution and management. Food waste has important environmental, economic and social implications. It entails a number of issues: fighting against world hunger, reducing the environmental impact of food, assisting the most deprived individuals, optimizing agriculture, and many more.


Why should we avoid food waste?

Because it is an important issue worldwide. All this wasted food has a serious impact on the environment. Consider all the resources and energy that are used during food production and delivery.


The numbers:

  • 1/3 of food produced throughout the world is lost or discarded; the equivalent of 1.3 billion tons per year;
  • 30% to 40% of food products in Canada are wasted, representing a value of over $31 billion;
  • 47% of food waste is done by citizens.

food waste


Considering these sobering statistics, here are some tips and tricks to reduce food waste.

Tips and Tricks


  • Plan your meals before doing groceries.
  • Prepare your weekly menu by prioritizing food that you already have in the fridge.
  • Make a grocery list and stick to it! This way you will avoid spending on unnecessary food items.
  • Don’t buy in large quantities. Rather, buy what’s necessary for your recipes.


  • Always rotate your food by bringing food that’s less fresh to the front, to eat them more quickly.
  • Mark the cooking date on your leftovers, and the opening date on your canned foods.
  • Make sure to properly store and preserve your food.


  • Get used to freezing! You can use leftovers for lunches.

PREPAREfood recycling

  • Use your over-ripe fruit to make smoothies, pies, or compotes.
  • Use your less fresh vegetables to make a soup. You can even freeze the portions in silicone muffin cups.


  • Reuse your cooking water as a soup base or to flavour your sauces.
  • Turn your chicken carcass into a delicious homemade stock.


  • Don’t have time to eat it all? Did you buy too much? Share and offer food! This way, your colleagues or neighbours can benefit.
  • Find out about La Tablée des Chefs food retrieval service. Their trading service provides a link between food waste generators (hotels, restaurants, institutions) and the organizations that redistribute them to people in need.


These are simple steps, but at the end of the line, they make a powerful difference in reducing food waste.

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