Accueil | Everything you need for an environmentally friendly Halloween!
10 October 2019

Everything you need for an environmentally friendly Halloween!

Halloween is the second biggest holiday in Canada in terms of consumption. Here are some tips and tricks (or treats!) to help you make your ecological footprint less scary.


Instead of buying new decorations, why not make your own? This is an arts and crafts activity that your kids are sure to love! Design your own using jars, toilet paper or paper towel rolls and egg cartons. Let your imagination run wild!

Need candles? Opt for beeswax or soy ones from Quebec brands. This not only helps support the local economy, but these types of candles do not give off toxic fumes.

Also try to buy local, organic pumpkins. You’ll not only encourage the local economy, you’ll also limit greenhouse gasses resulting from transporting produce from elsewhere.

If you used fallen leaves for your decorations, be sure to compost them once Halloween is over!

Cooking pumpkins

Wait as long as possible to carve pumpkins and keep the insides for making different recipes such as breads, muffins or soups! Roast the seeds in the oven and add them to your cereal or mix them in with other nuts for snacks. Once you’ve made the most of everything you can from your pumpkins, put the rest in the compost!

Make your own costumes

A number of classified ad websites have second-hand costumes for sale, and you can use the same websites to sell costumes that you no longer use. You could also make a visit to your local thrift store. Another way to buy fewer new costumes is to make them yourself. The Internet is an inexhaustible source to inspire and guide you in planning your outfit.

Trick or treating and candy

Obviously, using your car allows you to cover greater distances more quickly, but it’s better to walk in order to limit your greenhouse gas production. What’s more you can take the time to admire the decorations around your neighbourhood! Trick or treaters can use a pillowcase or reusable bag to hold their candy to avoid single-use bags.

Buying candy in bulk or in large packages can help reduce waste. Also avoid packaging candies in bags to hand out. Put them in a large bowl and hand them out directly to avoid excess packaging!

This Halloween, remember to only buy what you need, give costumes and decorations a second life or simply make them yourself at home. Happy Halloween everyone!

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