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01 December 2015

Energy processing: EBI makes it into the Journal de Montréal!

EBI’s energy processing activities are increasingly surprising and fascinating Quebec media outlets.

As proof, the Journal de Montréal has now showcased our company’s cutting-edge activities.


Energy processing at its best!

EBIEnergie energy processingCreated in 2001, EBI Énergie has set a primary mission for itself of optimizing the use of biogas and transforming it into energy. In a secure, watertight landfill site like the one used by EBI, the natural decomposition of organic materials can drag on over several decades. This long process generates a burnable carbon-based fuel, biogas.

Biogas is made up primarily of methane, a major greenhouse gas. When it is recovered and transformed into usable energy, biogas becomes a green and renewable energy source.

Since 2003, EBI Énergie has worked to transform biogas generated by burying residual materials into energy. Thanks to the company’s expertise and knowledge, EBI Énergie has developed and put into practice a procedure that is unique in Quebec and across Canada that allows us to convert biogas into renewable natural gas. To collect the biogas, 300 extraction wells are located around the landfill site and are then linked to a powerful vacuum system through a network of around 20 km of underground pipes.

cogeneration2 energy processing


At the start of 2008, EBI Énergie turned to a new form of energy production, generating electricity. Further to a call for tenders from Hydro-Québec to purchase 125 megawatts of energy produced through biomass cogeneration to satisfy electrical energy needs for the Quebec market over the long term, EBI Énergie inaugurated a new LEED Platinum certified biogas cogeneration plant!

Through these projects, EBI is paving the way for companies and industries looking to invest with a view to sustainable development.


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