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07 December 2018

Eco-friendly Holidays? Yes, That’s Possible!

With Christmas a few weeks away, feelings of excitement and restlessness are all around us. Even though this time of year is for spending time with our loved ones, this time of year comes along with an abundance of food, travelling, large tables and…presents! These festive moments, although pleasant, are often synonymous with abundance, which sometimes leads to waste.

So, this year let’s give a great gift to the planet—and to future generations—by being eco-friendly. Here are some tips and tricks to having an eco-friendly holiday season.




When it comes to decorations, opt for LED lights as they consume less energy, are more durable, and create a warmer atmosphere. Setting up a timer for holiday lights will also help limit energy consumption.

As for the Christmas tree, chose a real tree over an artificial one. At first glance the synthetic fir seems to be the better choice as it lasts longer than the natural one and is reusable. At the end of the day, however, it is not more environmentally friendly because it is made of petroleum-based plastic materials and is nonrenewable—where its natural counterpart is biodegradable. If you do choose the natural tree, make sure you dispose of it properly. Contact your municipality for authorized collection periods after the holidays.

Put your ecological foot forward and try the increasingly popular DIY (Do it yourself) option. There is a plethora of ideas online that will surely inspire you to make your own tree by reusing materials you already have on hand. Not only does this method perfectly harmonize with your interior, your tree won’t lose its needles!


Parties and events

Oftentimes we opt for disposable plates, glasses, and utensils for festive evenings in order to avoid doing dishes and enjoy time with our guests. However, theses disposable items are a major source of waste. Reusable dishes and cloth napkins are therefore more eco-friendly.

Another way to limit waste is simply to avoid overwrapping. More and more supermarkets are offering bulk products—simply use glass jars or airtight containers to store goods.

When it comes to the menu, eat local and cook seasonal products. This is a great way to reduce your ecological footprint without sacrificing flavour—not to mention you will encourage small merchants rather than large chain stores.



This time of the year involves many dinners and therefore lots of travel time! To be eco-friendly, carpooling is the best way to do it, in turn reducing the number of vehicles travelling to the same destination.




Use environmentally friendly wrapping, like kraft paper for example, and wrap gifts in a trendy way. Kraft paper doesn’t interest you? Give newspapers a try, reusable wrapping paper, or even fabric—giving a breath life to old clothing. Once again, there are a multitude of examples online that will inspire you.

When it comes to purchasing gifts, promote local craftsmen. Québec has many creative craftspeople in all fields. This will help the local market and limit the transport of goods. To find eco-friendly gift ideas, click here—your gifts will be the highlight of the evening as they will have original flair.


As you can see, we can reduce our ecological footprint all year long, especially during the holiday season! We spoil our loved ones so why not pamper the planet too by taking good care of it.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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