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16 April 2019

EBI’s New Eco-Friendly Offices in Costa Rica

Environmental conservation is paramount for EBI. This is why, in the fall of 2018, both EBI administrative offices in Costa Rica underwent a major environmentally friendly transformation. The idea behind this green project was to produce as little waste as possible.

During this construction project, the 3Rs principle was applied, namely reducing, reusing, and recycling. Reducing is essentially responsible consumption. In this way, before buying a new product, you must ask yourself if it can be substituted by another product you already have. Reusing is the extension of the life of an object. Finally, recycling involves the salvage of goods or materials that can be then be incorporated into the manufacture of new products.

The new premises were therefore built from 12 sea freight containers that had reached the end of their life. Moreover, the metal walls removed during the work served as the metal structure for the base of the concrete floors.

The plentiful windows in the buildings make it possible to minimize the use of artificial light. In addition, they create natural ventilation, making the use of air conditioning virtually non-existent.

Here are some pictures for you to appreciate the result of this beautiful eco-friendly project :

New administrative offices

New head offices

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