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17 December 2015

CNG now available in Joliette!

In the context of the Paris agreement on climate change, EBI management is proud to announce the opening of its fourth compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling station in Quebec, located in Joliette in the Lanaudière region.


With this announcement, EBI confirms its position as a leader in the production and sale of CNG in Quebec.


Choice location!

Located next to Techno Diesel, the largest service centre for trucks and trailers in the Lanaudière region, the new EBI public station enjoys a choice location on highway 158, close to Highway 31. All transporters in the Lanaudière region or travelling through it can therefore take advantage of the benefits of this station. “The business relationship between EBI and Techno Diesel has lasted for several decades and this project raises that cooperation to another level,” points out Caroline Thuot, general manager of Techno Diesel. “In fact, interest in the use of natural gas has multiplied in recent years and Techno Diesel customers are no exception to this trend,” adds Ms. Thuot.

Joliette CNG StationFrom left to right : Olivier et Pierre Sylvestre (EBI), Nicole Chevalier (Notre-Dame-des-Prairies councilor),
Alain Beaudry (Joliette mayor), Marc Corriveau (Saint-Thomas Mayor), Alain Bellemare (MRC de Joliette prefet),
Joanie Harnois (Gabriel Ste-Marie constituency Office), Caroline, Marilène, Marjorie and Andrée-Anne Thuot (Techno Diesel),
Jacinthe Mailhot et Marcel Thuot (Techno Diesel)

A well-established development strategyLancement-stationGNC-Joliette-maire

This station is part of EBI’s planned development strategy, which aims to continue deploying its network in the coming years. EBI already has public stations in Montréal-Est and Berthierville, as well as a private station in St-Félicien. “We offer a service that is unique in Quebec! In addition to producing renewable natural gas, we offer our clients turnkey solutions for CNG fuelling and CNG truck leasing,” points out Olivier Sylvestre, manager of natural gas transportation development for EBI. “We have the expertise to accompany our clients in transitioning their fleet of trucks to this fuel of the future,” adds Mr. Sylvestre.


EBI CNG – a green and economical choice for road transporters!

Since 2003, EBI has produced renewable natural gas using biogases extracted from its technical landfill site. Thanks to a transition launched in 2011, EBI has more than 110 CNG-fuelled trucks. When used as a vehicle fuel, renewable CNG reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 90% compared to diesel. What’s more, consumption of this energy source significantly reduces emissions of the main atmospheric pollutants.


For road transporters, CNG allows for savings of up to 30% in the cost of fuel. EBI clients also enjoy stable prices thanks to long-term supply agreements. These self-serve refuelling stations are open 24-7 and offer a reliable alternative to conventional fuels.


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