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03 October 2017

Get into the habit of buying recycled!

Buying recycled gives a second life to products. They are collected and directed to one of the sorting centres in Québec. After being sorted, bundled or placed in containers, these materials are sold to recyclers who transform them and give them a second life.


Since 2005, 5 million tons of recyclable materials have been recovered in Québec, enough to fill 45 Olympic stadiums! In addition, with selective collection, 2 million tons of greenhouse gases were avoided, equivalent to 440,000 cars being taken off the road in one year (Éco Entreprise Québec, 2015).


The second life of recyclable materialsbuying recycled

Did you know that recycled cardboard can be used to make boxes and cardboard packaging, Kraft paper and construction materials?

Recycled plastic can be used for new bottles, drainage pipes, recycling bins, park benches, and even flowerpots.

Recycled glass can be used to make sidewalks, fiberglass insulation materials, eco-friendly tiles, bottles, and pots.

Recycled aluminium can be used to make cans, construction materials and automotive parts.

Eco-materials are booming in Québec. Numerous other applications emerge when we consider recycling at home, work and school.


Why is it important to buy recycled?

Buying recycled increases benefits in many ways, making it possible to:

  • Reduce wastage of natural resources;
  • Protect the environment;
  • Create a sustained demand for secondary materials, i.e., recycled materials that are used in the manufacture of new products;
  • Reduce the demand for new materials, thus avoiding the pollution generated by the manufacture of new products;
  • Promote the development and maintenance of new outlets for materials that are often disposed of;
  • Conserve natural resources by manufacturing using secondary material products instead of virgin raw materials;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas production as disposal is not required for recycled materials;
  • Create jobs in the Québec residual materials development industry;
  • Reduce the volume of waste by providing a second life to used products;
  • Reduce our energy consumption and, as a result, reduce pollution related to energy production.

In addition, strong consumer demand for products from recycling will encourage manufacturers to favour the use of secondary materials to produce their products.


To find out more about materials that are accepted and refused in the collection of recyclable materials, please visit our Blue Bin section or contact us!

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