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27 January 2020

Buy local, it pays!

Local purchases are increasingly encouraged in order to reduce our environmental footprint, but also in order to promote our economy. Here are a few reasons that demonstrate the benefits of buying local products.

To preserve the environment

Local purchasing helps reduce greenhouse gases linked to the transportation of goods from all over the world, meaning less air pollution.

Similarly, local products require less packaging, which is often necessary during transportation, meaning less waste is generated. The same is true for the use of preservatives, necessary to keep food fresh during transport, but they are often unhealthy.

To encourage the local economy and more!

Getting local products helps support local producers, in addition to creating jobs and boosting our region’s economy!

It’s also important to remember that the relationship between the designer and the consumer is more human and warmer. Very often, it is possible to speak directly with the producer in order to learn more about their history and thus, find out about the origin of the products we buy. In addition, the creations of local artisans are unique and environmentally responsible. It’s a great way to stand out and express your originality!

To support fair and ethical businesses

The decentralization of production and processing can be explained by the low cost of labour. However, the working conditions and remuneration of these people are not always optimal. By buying local products, manufactured and processed in our province or country, we support companies that offer good work conditions.

Obviously, these are just a few of the benefits of buying locally. But beyond these environmental, social and economic impacts, this way of consuming goods gives us the opportunity to discover the richness of our region. Why not take advantage of it and reveal these little wonders to those around you!

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