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17 June 2019

Being eco-responsible … even on vacation!

For many of you, the holidays are fast approaching! That’s great! But did you know that you can take most of your eco-responsible habits from home with you during your holidays?

Follow these simple tips for a successful eco-friendly vacation!

At the beach or on a picnic and while camping or hiking:

• Where on-site facilities permit, sort your waste separately for recycling, garbage, or compost.

• Bring your own bottle, coffee cup, and thermos to avoid disposable bottles and containers.

• Don’t forget your reusable bags. Tip: Leave some in your car!

• Use reusable dishes and utensils.

• Avoid food waste by planning all your meals during your vacation.

• Promote local products when you shop for both food and souvenirs. This is a simple way to encourage the local economy and reduce one’s ecological footprint.

Holidays in urban areas or outside the country

In addition to what is mentioned above, there are a few other things you can do to minimize your environmental impact while traveling.

In fact, if you plan to stay in a hotel, you should know it is possible to choose an eco-friendly establishment. You can find such accommodations using the Clef verte program. More than 57 countries are registered for a total of 624 green establishments!

Since air travel generates a lot of greenhouse gas, it is important to focus on cycling, walking, carpooling, and public transportation (bus, subway, or train) for travel during your activities. In Québec, you can explore the province by bike. The Route verte website enables you to discover multiple networks and create your own itinerary. Also, avoid motorized and polluting activities, whether you are here or abroad.

Easy to apply, all these ecological ideas will allow you to continue having adventures while respecting the environment and its ecosystems!

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