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30 November 2018

Be Eco-friendly This Christmas and Spoil Your Loved Ones!

Christmas is only weeks away and the quest for gifts is in full swing—if this is not already the case!


We love to spoil our loved ones at Christmas. However, consumption and over-consumption during the holidays often lead to pollution caused by transportation—not to mention the way in which these goods and products are manufactured.

Is it possible to both pamper the ones we love and reduce our ecological footprint? It sure is, and there are many ways to do so.


Crafts and local products

There are all kinds of markets across Québec at Christmastime—and throughout the year—selling a vast amount of crafts and local products. Promote the local economy by buying Christmas gifts from Québec artisans and, in turn, introducing your loved ones to local products.


Eco-friendly toys

They are not yet present in the market, but eco-friendly toys are worth knowing about. These toys don’t have any plastic or batteries as they are typically made from recycled wood, organic cotton and natural fibers—and are still just as fun. These toys can be found in small niche markets, specialist shops, and online. Made in Québec, these new kinds of toys are a great way to help preserve the environment and please the young and old alike.



Why not frame a picture from a good night or memorable event? Search your storage boxes and find forgotten treasures that will serve as a small memory token that will warm the heart of a loved one.

Can’t find the perfect photo to give as a gift? Why not go for a photo session with your friends and family—fun and laughter guaranteed!


Time and activities

Time flies when you’re having fun. With work and daily life, however, it can be hard to find the time for friends and family. How about offering time as a gift? Organizing an outdoor activity or simply putting time aside for an afternoon of cooking at home or playing games with your loved ones is a great way to make memories. Show tickets, registering for a course, and massage gift certificates are other great memory-making ideas.


Gourmet sweets

Whether it’s jars of jam, salsa, caramel, fudge, muffins, cookies, or chocolates, these homemade delicacies are sure to make your loved ones happy!

Is one of your loved ones particularly busy? Prepare a meal that can be frozen and stored so that they can simply heat it up when they don’t have time to cook.


Of course, these ideas represent only a fraction of the eco-friendly options available to you. Being a smart consumer will only improve the welfare of the environment.

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