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EBI Montréal Inc.

Turnkey service for large companies

Acquired in 1998 under the name Gestion environnementale Éconord, EBI Montréal offers a service for the integrated management of residual material for large companies.


EBI Montréal’s turnkey service offers clients complete management of all the residual materials generated by the company. You can also take advantage of an affordable plan to reduce this material at the source as well as reuse, collect, process and transform it. Therefore, you would be able to dispose of it safely, while minimizing its impact on the environment.


EBI Montréal also offers services such as the shredding of confidential documents and the rental of containers, compactors, mobile toilets, wheeled bins as well as cardboard presses.


For more information, see our section on
Integrated Waste Management.

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670 Montcalm street
Berthierville (Québec) J0K 1A0
Tél. : 1 800 486-0225
Téléc.: 450 836-1145

R.B.Q 1139-7023-55

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