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EBI Environnement Inc.

Turnkey service

EBI Environnement offers innovative collection services, performed based on each client’s individual needs and the type of material, including residual, recyclable, compostable and even household hazardous waste.



EBI Environnement has an impressive fleet of roll-off trucks, front-end loaders, rear loaders and side loaders, which it uses to provide commercial, municipal and residential clients with a customized turnkey service.


In addition to its extensive ecocentre management expertise, the company offers a sales, rental and delivery service on a comprehensive range of containers, compactors, mobile toilets and wheeled bins.

Adhering to the strictest environmental standards

EBI Environnement also runs its own recycling centre, allowing it to properly separate recyclable materials based on their nature in order to give them a second life.


EBI Environnement is committed to citizens, communities and businesses, and provides quality state-of-the-art services in line with the 4Rs (Reduce at the source, Reuse, Recycle and Recover) principle, while meeting the strictest environmental standards.


For more information, see our section on
Integrate Waste Management.

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670 Montcalm street
Berthierville (Québec) J0K 1A0
Tél. : 1 800 486-0225
Téléc.: 450 836-1145

R.B.Q 1139-7023-55

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