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17 March 2021

A major acquisition in Chile for EBI

In recent years, Quebec-based company EBI has experienced significant growth in its home province. Now, EBI is continuing its international development with the acquisition of Cosemar in Chile. With 1,900 employees, the Chilean company is the third largest in the field of waste management in this country of 19 million inhabitants.

This acquisition is a great step forward for EBI, in addition to demonstrating the company’s desire to always do better for more than 60 years. “We are extremely pleased to be entering the Chilean market with Cosemar. This company fits perfectly with our main mission, waste management, which allows us to contribute to the preservation of the environment. Furthermore, we will once again be able to deploy our expertise outside of Canada,” says Michel Sylvestre, Executive Director of EBI Latam (Latin-American). In fact, as Pierre Sylvestre, President and CEO of EBI, says, “the acquisition of Cosemar will enable us to implement in Chile methods for managing, recycling and recovering waste and biogas that we implemented years ago, and that make EBI a leader in its field, making this a historic moment for us.” This new step generates significant growth for EBI and shows the importance of protecting the environment, a mission that is at the heart of management’s entrepreneurial vision.

It is important to remember that since 2018, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ has been a shareholder in EBI and is therefore contributing to its expansion. “EBI’s acquisition of Cosemar will allow Quebec’s know-how to shine more on the international stage. Through its innovative solutions, the Berthierville company contributes to the recovery of waste materials and reduces their effects on the environment,” said Christian G. Brosseau, Vice-President of Investment, Strategic Capital, Energy and Environment, Fonds de solidarité FTQ.

Cosemar offers very similar services to EBI. These include collecting and transporting waste materials, maintaining sanitary networks, renting portable toilets and containers, and commercial janitorial services. In addition to these services, the company manages and operates four landfill sites throughout Chile. Like EBI, Cosemar works in municipal, residential, commercial and industrial settings.

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