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06 March 2020

A few tips to avoid food waste

If at first glance throwing away some food seems harmless, the reality suggests otherwise. In fact, this is an important global issue. Actually, all the food thrown away requires the use of resources and energy for their production. This has an impact on the environment. But when food ends up in the trash can, the energy used is unfortunately wasted.

In addition, millions of people have a hard time feeding themselves properly. Food insecurity is an issue that continues to increase… just like waste! The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says that a third of the food produced annually in the world is thrown away. In addition, almost 60% of food waste thrown away in Canada could have been consumed. Let’s avoid food waste so that we don’t contribute to these statistics. Because yes, it is possible to counter it!

Buy local

We cannot say it enough: it is better to buy local products, since they require less transportation, they are fresher and, therefore, they will keep longer!

In the refrigerator

Make sure to rotate your food by placing less fresh food in front so you eat it faster. It will also save you from forgetting food at the very back of your refrigerator. Also, don’t buy too much. Just buy what you need for your meals and recipes. Otherwise, too much food will end up in the trash can.

To help you store your food properly, see the “Keep it fresh” section of the Love food hate waste Canada  website. You will find lots of tips to store your food properly and keep it longer!

And there it goes! In the freezer

Develop the habit of freezing your leftovers, soups, stews, casseroles and lasagna. This will make your life easier for those times when you have less time to cook. Besides, it’s also handy for lunches! Quick tip: freeze your meals according to the amount you’ll want to use later. It will make your life easier!

Reinvent with kitchen essentials

Get some starchy foods (pasta, rice, potatoes), basic spices and the ones you like, and pre-made sauces for the busy nights. These are products that will help you change your recipes, make your life easier and allow you to transform your leftovers.

Ugly, but so good

It has been proven that fruits and vegetables that do not meet certain aesthetic criteria from the industry (yes, yes!) are hard to sell. However, they are not less tasty! Rather than abandoning them, why not use them when you cook? Your dishes will be just as delicious with these fruits and vegetables.

Don’t shun frozen food

Frozen foods contain as many nutrients as fresh foods and, of course, they last longer. In addition, they can easily help you out if you’re short on time.

Store quickly after a meal

To avoid throwing away food that has been on the counter for several hours after a meal, simply put it away as soon as you finish eating.

And at the restaurant

Do not order a large plate at a restaurant if you know you will not be able to eat everything or if it is impossible for you to finish the leftovers at home. Quick tip: eat slowly and listen to your appetite.

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