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24 December 2018

The Holiday Season: A Great Time to Recover

The holiday season is coming to an end and for many of us, this means sorting, storing and disposing of many of our possessions.

This article will offer you tips on how to be eco-friendly as you put away your decorations, your packaging, your tree and other holiday odds and ends.


The Tree

The natural tree, once stripped of all decorations (ball ornaments, icicles, garlands, lights) can be recycled. Just check when your municipality is scheduled to collect it and place it on the curb near your house. The natural tree will be transformed and later offered a second life, whether as compost or as mulch.

Not liking your artificial tree anymore? And yet, it’s still in good condition? Consider offering it to a charity, a support center, a daycare center, a non-profit organization or a family member. Your tree no longer brings you happiness, but it may be just the thing for someone else!


Wrapping Paper and Ornaments

It would be ideal to reuse wrapping paper, tissue paper and ribbons. If this is not possible, know that they can go into your blue bin, except for paper and metallic ribbons. Those go into the trash.

A good way to know if your wrapping paper or your ribbons are recyclable: try to tear them up. If they tear, you can recycle them.

When you’re preparing to recycle, you probably think it’s more efficient to put everything in the same container and to put it in your recycling bin. However, this is not true. At the sorting center, it will be necessary to separate all the contents, which makes the employees’ task enormously complex. Think of them and drop the materials every which way into your blue bin.



Your little ones have received new toys and some triage is in order? Before throwing them away, ask the members of your community if someone wants them or needs them. If there are no takers, give the toys to a donation center or a day care center! If they are broken, you can put them in the trash. Under no circumstances should the toys end up at the recycling plant.



When it comes to batteries, use the ones that are rechargeable. If your batteries no longer work, do not put them in the garbage or in the blue bin. In fact, there are several options available to you. You can bring them to the eco-centre closest to you or dispose of them during seasonal collections of hazardous household waste. Just check when these collections will take place in your municipality. Finally, you can visit Call2Recycle.ca to find a drop-off point near you that accepts used batteries.


Electronic Devices

You are overjoyed, you have received a new electronic device! You therefore want to dispose of the old one. If it is still functional, you can sell it or offer it to someone you know. Electronic devices should not be placed in garbage cans, and definitely not in recycling bins. To get rid of it ecologically, find the drop-off point closest to your home at recyclemyelectronics.ca.


Broken Wine Glasses and Christmas Ball Ornaments

Wine glasses and decorative balls are not made from the same type of glass as the objects you can recycle. For this reason, these damaged or broken articles go directly into the garbage.



Wine bottle corks should not end up in your recycling bin. Instead, use them for crafts, billboards or any other original creation. You can find a lot of ideas on the Internet to help you create a personalized project with corks.


If you have any questions, contact your municipality or contact us!




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