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EBI Centre du camion

Maintaining and repairing heavy vehicles

Established in 1987, EBI Centre du camion Inc. specializes in maintaining and repairing heavy vehicles. As an agent of the Société de l’Assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), the company also offers a service to change trucks from 10 to 12 air wheels and sells parts for heavy trucks and lightweight trailers.


In addition, EBI Centre du camion specializes in maintaining and repairing natural gas vehicles.


For more information, see our section on Maintenance and Inspection of Heavy Vehicles

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670, rue Montcalm
Berthierville (Québec) J0K 1A0
Tél. : 1 800 486-0225
Téléc.: 450 836-1145

R.B.Q 1139-7023-55

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