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EBI Envirotech

Fast and efficient service

No matter the type of work you need done, our experts will be able to provide you with fast and efficient service while respecting the highest safety standards.

When you call, we will take the time to clearly identify your request and we will go on-site to assess your needs.

Choose quality by trusting specialists!

EBI Envirotech, the perfect ally

For several decades, EBI Envirotech, formerly ABC Environnement, has provided an array of services to residential, commercial, institutional and municipal clients.

The company’s original services were primarily for individuals. Over the years, EBI Envirotech has diversified and gradually expanded its scope to meet the needs of businesses, industries and municipalities.

Acquired by EBI in 2017, the company continues its development by focusing on the continuous improvement of its services while improving its approach.

As a result, the company now has close to 60 employees and just over 50 trucks to serve you better.

Despite its growth and expansion, EBI Envirotech continues to focus on quality, fast and courteous service. Its expertise and know-how are key elements that allow the company to quickly and adequately meet your needs and expectations.

Its dedicated staff will be happy to respond to your requests for information, give you informed advice or take your calls.

Diversified environmental services

EBI Envirotech offers its loyal customers a wide range of services, including inspection of pipes with a camera and the diagnosis of sewerage networks, complete and selective pumping of septic tanks, unclogging and thawing of ducts, pipes and culverts, as well as the cleaning of French drains (iron ochre).

Our experts also specialize in industrial pumping services, waste oil collection from auto repair shops, industries and municipalities, as well as cleaning and pumping grease traps.

For more information, please visit ebienvirotech.ca.

Contact us at 1 800 363-6413 or by email at envirotech@ebiqc.com.

Licensed under the Quebec Building Act (Loi sur le bâtiment du Québec)
R.B.Q. 5636-6545-01

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670, rue Montcalm
Berthierville (Québec) J0K 1A0
Tél. : 1 800 486-0225
Téléc.: 450 836-1145

R.B.Q 1139-7023-55

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