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Creusage RL

Acquired in 2019 by EBI, Creusage RL offers a full range of services including pumping, hydraulic and pneumatic excavation, water line pulling, manholes rehabilitation and more.

State-of-the-art equipment 

Founded in 2012, the l’Assomption-based company operates about 20 units including jet-vacuum combination trucks, trailers and hydraulic and pneumatic trucks. The company has a staff of about 20 employees.  

No matter the problem, Creusage RL offers you professional service from experienced staff and has proven itself over the years. After doing a thorough assessment, our experts will apply the best technique depending on the situation.


Our team is trained and holds the following certifications:

  • Confined spaces
  • P6B
  • Signalling
  • CCQ Competency Card

For more information, please visit
creusagerl.com or contact us at 450 589-3666.

Licensed under the Quebec Building Act (Loi sur le bâtiment du Québec)
R.B.Q. 8281-9640-05

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670, rue Montcalm
Berthierville (Québec) J0K 1A0
Tél. : 1 800 486-0225
Téléc.: 450 836-1145

R.B.Q 1139-7023-55

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